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After this entry this journal is going f-list only. But here's the application process:

1: Pick the character, make a journal (it has to have something to do with the charachter), and get an icon, if you can't make them I'm sure someone in the community would be glad to help. Just please do not steal. Make sure the journal is linked to the main journal.

2: Fill out the application.

3: Wait for approval.

Taken Characters:

1: BJ Hunnicutt
2: Dr Sidney Freedman
3: Hawkeye Pierce
4: Igor
5: Trapper John

1: Charachter
2: Journal
3: How long to MASH dreams last?
4: Previous journal example (personal's do count. I just ask that you show me that there's no prior history of needless flaming)
5: AIM name: (small community you can use your personal aim, just differintiate when your rping and when not.)
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