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There have to be rules for any and every community so here are the ones for this one.

1: Disclaimers must be on the user profile for all participants. This covers our butts legally and morally. It also gives us the option to laugh at, point at, and summarily delete any flames. I'll also add a disclaimer to the memories of this journal, I do ask that you link your journal to that memory.

2: You may only have two charachter's running at any one time. The MASH fandom is very small, there are only really a handfull of charachters available. This is an ironclad rule.

3: You must update every 4 weeks. I'll go through and check on Monday's, you'll get a two week warning, a stricter three week warning, and after four weeks you'll be kicked. Your charachter will be held for three weeks after you are kicked to give you the option updating and getting your charachter back. It's a three strike rule.

4: In order to make sure you read these rules I'm going to ask a question on the application, when asked how long do MASH_Dreams last? Respond: As long as it takes to finish.

PS: These rules are subject to change, and can with notice. Thanks--the Mod
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